Tuesday, January 29, 2008

France Gall - Baby Pop


It's late, so I don't feel like going too in depth about this album:

This one was released by Gainsbourg's songbird in 1966 on Polygram, and it's chock full of yé-yé greatness.

While there are a few misses (the title track, "L'Amérique" and "Deux oiseux", which sound really immature, even for Gall), overall, this album is fucking great. It's got lots of pop, some rock and even a little jazz thrown in...great melodies, occasionally off-pitch teenage girl vocals and enough variation to really keep it interesting, all without diluting its super-catchy essence.


My personal favorites:

"Et des baisers" (The lyrics are retarded, but can you understand French? No? Then who the fuck cares?)
"Faut-il que je t'aime" (Once again, a little retarded, mais n'importe quoi.)
"Cet air-là" (Covered by April March on her 1995 album, Chick Habit, which features a bunch of yé-yé covers, and the title track of which is an English version of Gall's "Laisser tomber les filles" that was featured on the Grindhouse soundtrack.)

Actually, scratch that; I really like all of the songs except the abortions mentioned up top, so check 'em out!

France Gall - Baby pop

France Gall - Faut-il que je t'aime

France Gall - Le temps de la rentrée

France Gall - Attends ou va-t'en

France Gall - Mon bateau de nuit

France Gall - L'Amérique

France Gall - Cet air-là

France Gall - C'est pas facile d'être une fille

France Gall - Nous ne sommes pas des anges

France Gall - On se ressemble toi et moi

France Gall - Deux oiseaux

France Gall - Et des baisers

Just in case you were curious, here are the videos for "Laisser tomber les filles" and "Chick Habit", respectively:


Anonymous said...

great post. would you mind re-upping the songs? only 3 of the links work. thanks!

Davy said...

Hrmm...I'm not sure why that is. I've been having trouble with a few other posts on here as well.

I'll look into it and try to get the tracks back up some time this week.