Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chantal Goya - Les années 60

Yep, yet another yé-yé singer, but this one was also a "vedette" of the French New Wave, starring in the famous Godard film, "Masculin, féminin", in which she plays a young yé-yé singer (insert corny joke about how easy the part must have been).

On my first few listens to this collection I didn't really care for it; it seemed generic and boring. However, after many listens, the pop hooks dug into my brain and now I find myself humming "La pluie du ciel" and "Comment le revoir" while at work. Neither the singing nor the instrumentation are anything special, but the vocal tone is nice, the inflection is great and the melodies are pretty catchy. This collection is definitely worth a few listens, even if you can only find one or two songs that you really enjoy.

Chantal with David the gnome:


Chantal last year; no thanks:


The music:

Chantal Goya - C'est bien Bernard

Chantal Goya - A ls sortie de ma classe

Chantal Goya - Oh raconte-moi

Chantal Goya - Dis-moi ton nom

Chantal Goya - Une écharpe, une rose

Chantal Goya - Comment le revoir

Chantal Goya - La pluie du ciel

Chantal Goya - Sois gentil

Chantal Goya - Tu gagnes au flipper

Chantal Goya - Tant de joies

Chantal Goya - Il court les filles

Chantal Goya - Tu m'as trop menti

Chantal Goya - Laisse-moi

Chantal Goya - Dans la nuit

Chantal Goya - Ce soir on danse

Chantal Goya - Mon ange gardien

Chantal Goya - Pense pas trop

Chantal Goya - Ma première tendresse

Chantal Goya - J'ai le cœur en joie, j'ai le cœur en peine

Chantal Goya - La flamme et le feu

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Anonymous said...

"even if you can only find one or two songs that you really enjoy.. "? I love each one of these adorable songs :
A' la sortie de ma classe ! D'abord dis moi ton nom , La flamme et le feu !, Laisse moi ! Mon ange guardien ! Hope you know Godard's film " Masculin , Feminin" !
( all on youtube ) No doubt she's' definitively one of my preferred 60s yéyé singer :)
byebye from Italy