Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jackie DeShannon - The Definitive Collection


I must have listened to the first half of this comp a hundred times. It's full of super-catchy pop-rock with great instrumental and vocal tone. The second half, however, leaves something to be desired, but I included it anyway for posterity's sake. Things fall apart after "What the World Needs Now", but before that it's pretty much perfection. On here you get "Buddy", a rockabillyish homage to Buddy Holly, the ORIGINAL (and superior) versions of "Needles and Pins" and "When You Walk in the Room" (both covered and made more famous by the Searchers), Jackie's version of the Irma Thomas song (that Jackie wrote) "Breakaway", as well as "Dream Boy" (co-written by Jackie and Jimmy Page), which is on that girl groups compilation). I don't have TOO much to say because I'm sick and out of it, but I was fairly obsessed for a moment there. Check it out!


Heaven is Being With You

You Won't Forget Me

Needles and Pins

Hellos and Goodbyes

When You Walk in the Room

Till You Say You'll Be Mine


Should I Cry

I Remember the Boy

Dream Boy

Don't Turn Your Back on Me

What the World Needs Now


A Lifetime of Loneliness

Come and Get me

Splendor in the Grass

For Granted

Windows and Doors

I Can Make it With You

500 Miles from Yesterday

Where Does the Sun Go

It Shines on You Too

Reason to Believe

The Weight

Come and Stay with Me

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Love Will Find a Way

Brighton Hill

Radio Commercial 1

Radio Commercial 2

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