Thursday, November 1, 2007

Les Désaxés

A little over a year ago I received a small package in the mail. It was from Pierre Mikaïloff, guitarist for Les Désaxés (often translated into English as the Misfits, though it can also mean "lunatic"), with whom I had spoken several times via the internet. Having heard his band, I had asked him more about them, finding scant information on the internet. He was kind enough to send me, free of charge, a 21-song disc all the way from France to my parents' house in Connecticut. Below you will find the first nine, and, in my opinion, the best, of the tracks. These earlier recordings, although very poppy (and catchy), have a nice rock and roll element to them as well, often due to the lead guitarist's licks. The later tracks, which I haven't included, are much more new wave and not really to my liking (not that I have anything against new wave). If anyone would like the remaining tracks, just let me know and I can e-mail them to you.

The first song, "Juste 15 ans" (just fifteen years old), is, in true rock and roll fashion, about dating a younger girl (see: Jerry Lee Lewis, the Beatles, Johnny Burnette, The Boys and a million other groups). "Teenagers électriques", for which they are probably best known, has two different versions for download (I prefer the latter). There's also a cover of Françoise Hardy's "Je veux qu'il revienne" (changed to 'elle' to reflect their heterosexual, male points of view), which is actually what first introduced me to the beautiful Chanteuse (and, ultimately, her partner, Jacques Dutronc) about 3 years ago.

I won't include a biography here as a biography of the band can be found at the fantastic ModPopPunk Archives site (really a great resource; loads of downloads).

UPDATE: All 21 tracks are now available, per request.

The tracks:

1. Juste 15 ans

2. Teenagers electriques

3. Tout ce que je veux

4. Toutes ces filles

5. Elles sont toutes un peu folles

6. Les soirs d'ete

7. De retour dans la ville

8. Je veux qu'elle revienne

9. Teenagers electriques

10. Bien d'autres choses encore

11. Poly Magoo

12. Je ne suis plus si malheureux

13. Paris au soleil

14. Celle que je préfère

15. Les jours impairs

16. Celle que je préfère

17. Tu penses à autre chose

18. Cette fille n'est pas sérieuse

19. Romance électrique

20. Tu penses à autre chose

21. Terrains vagues

P.S. I received Pierre's permission to post these tracks.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw them live many times before they even released their first 45. I must admit their first record 'Juste 15 ans / Teenagers électriques' was a little disapointement compared to the live versions. Anyway this band was one of the best French power pop bands of the early '80s. The mini lp pictured in the post is higly recommanded for fans of that genre. Sadly they ended up with a sound closer to mainstream pop ('variété' in French).

P.S. Why not posting the whole thing ? It would be appreciated (at least by me). Or re-up some of them.

If you like Les Désaxés visit my blog Eternally Yours and have an hear on Ici Paris another lost French gem amongst other French goodies.

Davy said...

Eric, thanks for commenting. I will put up the rest of the 21 tracks some time within the next couple of days, though, like you said, I'm afraid they're more of "la variété".

P.S. I fixed the problem that developed regarding being able to download the second half of the tracks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Davy. I had some singles and the live lp but forgot / lost them somewhere. I can't wait to listen again to their version of 'Poly Maggo' by Asphalt Jungle.

Paul said...

Maybe you can send me link where I can get DESAXES' songs? I tried from your page but all songs are unavailable. It's old post.
Maybe you can put them on rapidshare?
Thank you for your help.
Best regards.
from Poland